St. Cecilia Society of Flint


Concert Series

The St. Cecilia Society is proud to sponsor one of Flint’s most high profile and popular monthly concert series. The Performing Members of SCS include many of the most talented musicians in the Flint area.

We hope to have receptions following our regular monthly programs, with the exception of the May program. The May program will follow our annual luncheon. Decisions regarding receptions will be made by the St. Cecilia Board on a monthly basis based on public health risks.


Andrew Cramer, piano
Amanda Rodman, voice
Clayton Stoker, organ
Janet Walworth, piano
Ling Lo, piano
Michael Abbasspour, guitar


Kim Streby, voice
Terrence Stewart, voice
Larry MacDonald, piano


Robert Hoag, voice
Tracy McDonough, voice
Richard Kerry Thompson, voice

A Flint Symphony Orchestra concert featuring 2022 William C. Byrd Competition winner Danielle Kim, flute.


STEVEN RENEICKE – Flute Concerto in D Major
SERGEI RACHMANINOFF – Symphony #2, op.27, E minor


Pre-Concert Talk: 6:30 PM | Concert: 7:30 PM

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Cynthia Butcher, voice
Lateena Martin, voice
Dilek Engin Stolarchuk, viola
Christy Fenlon, flute
Tom Travis, voice

Featuring the winners of the St. Cecilia Student Awards. More details to come.

Featuring the finalists of the William C. Byrd Young Artist Competition. This year’s competition is for vocalists.

For more information about the “Byrd,” click here.


Carl Angelo, organ
Tiffany Thorpe, voice
Glen Holcomb, voice
Larry Adkins, cello

Townes Osborn Miller, flute
Delaina Oberman, percussion
St. Cecilia Student Musicale members

Featuring The Octogenarians

  • Nancy Dahle, voice
  • Clare Swanson, voice
  • Robert Hoag, voice
  • J. Walworth & L. MacDonald, piano