St. Cecilia Society of Flint

Fall Cadenza 2022

Kim Streby & Jean Weamer, Co-Presidents

Vol. 49, No. 4

Larry MacDonald, Editor

October 2022 – December 2022


Your co-presidents are hoping that this message finds you well, and that you enjoyed a peaceful Summer. We are looking forward to resuming St. Cecilia events on an “almost normal” basis for 2022-2023. Please read on and find our scheduled recitals, meetings, and information regarding the Byrd competition. We have missed you!

– Kim Heath Streby & Jean Weamer.


Our season will begin on Sunday, October 9th with six new performing members who were accepted as performing members on May 15th. Will Sutton, an expert tuba player, who also was accepted, has regrettably dropped out of SCS because he has recently joined the music faculty at Northwest Missouri State University. Hopefully he’ll be invited back to Flint to play on a future program. 

The other six performers and their instruments are: Michael Abbasspour, guitar; Andrew Cramer, piano; Ling Lo, piano; Amanda Rodman, soprano; Clayton Stoker, organ; and Janet Walworth, piano. Janet is a longtime SCS member while Clayton, our youngest member, is this year’s recipient of a SCS scholarship, and a freshman music major at Eastern Michigan University.

By the time you read this newsletter there will have been a second audition, with three vocal auditionees: Cindy Butcher, Lateena Martin, and Tom Travis, plus flutist Christy Fenlon and violist Dilek Engin Stolarchuk. They will perform on our program scheduled for February 12th.

The new St. Cecilia Board of Directors is as follows:


  • Co-President – Kim Heath Streby
  • Co-President – Jean Weamer
  • 1st Vice-President for Program – Nancy Dahle
  • 2nd Vice-President for Membership –
  • Operations Treasurer – Carolyn MacDonald
  • Awards Treasurer – Elizabeth Cummins Dean
  • Recording Secretary –
  • Corresponding Secretary – Alesia Byrd Johnson

Board Directors

  • Larry MacDonald (Communication)
  • Doris Knoblock
  • Bernadette Atanga
  • Glen Holcomb
  • Audrey Stephens

If you or any SCS member you know would be willing to fill an open position, please notify us. You can call Kim Streby (810-249-6000) or Jean Weamer (810-658-1989).


  • Sunday, Oct. 9, 2 PM: new performing members Andrew Cramer, Amanda Rodman, Clayton Stoker, Ling Lo, Michael Abbasspour, and Janet Walworth
  • Sunday November 13, 2 PM: Kim Streby, Terrence Stewart, and Laurence MacDonald          
  • Sunday, December 11, 2 PM: Robert Hoag, Tracy McDonough, and Richard Kerry Thompson                              
  • Sunday, February 12, 2 PM: Cynthia Butcher, Lateena Martin, Dilek Engin Stolarchuk, Christy Fenlon, and Tom Travis
  • Sunday, February 26, 2 PM: Winners of the St. Cecilia Student Awards.
  • Saturday March 4, 7 PM: Byrd Competition Final Round, with five vocal finalists             
  • Sunday, March 12, 2 PM: Carl Angelo, Tiffany Thorpe, Glen Holcomb, and Larry Adkins.
  • Sunday, April 2, 2 PM: Townes Osborn Miller, Delaina Oberman, and members of St. Cecilia Student Musicale.
  • Friday, May 5, 1:15 PM: The Octogenarians, with Nancy Dahle, Clare Swanson, Robert Hoag, Laurence MacDonald, and Janet Walworth.
  • Clare Swanson, Robert Hoag, Laurence MacDonald, and Janet Walworth.

All performances will be at 2 PM, except the May program, which will be at 1:15 PM. All programs will be held in the MacArthur Recital Hall in the FIM, except the March 12th program, which will be at Court St. United Methodist Church located at 225 West Court Street in downtown Flint.

We hope to have receptions following our regular monthly programs, with the exception of the May program. The May program will follow our annual luncheon. Decisions regarding receptions will be made by the St. Cecilia Board on a monthly basis based on public health risks.

Marcia Green

In June, we were saddened to learn of the death of longtime SCS member Marcia Green. She was an active member of many local arts organizations, served as a volunteer at the Sloan Museum Archives, and sang in the First Presbyterian Church Chancel Choir for twenty years. I, Larry MacDonald, remember her especially as a student in my film music class at Mott, which I taught from 1999 to 2016. She was one of the many adult students to take my class, and was close friends of George and Mary Liljeblad, who took my film class at the same time as Marcia. She also taught elementary school in both Flint and Grand Rapids. The family has asked that donations can be made “in memory of Marcia Mullin Green” to the Flint Institute of Music, 1025 E. Kearsley, Flint, MI 48503.

Albert Koegel

Albert Koegel passed away shortly after his 96th birthday on August 24, 2022. Along with his wife Barbara, Al was very supportive of the William C. Byrd Young Artists Competition. The Koegels housed the three judges for many years, provided wonderful meals and transportation to and from airports, and even served as escorts during the Saturday auditions at the FIM. The Koegels were good friend of Almeda Hunter, who worked for the Koegel company for many years.

Although the Koegels didn’t officially belong to the St. Cecilia Society, their support of the Byrd competition, along with much financial support of the SCS and also the Flint Institute of Music, is a legacy of devotion to the arts that will be long remembered.

If you know of others that should be listed in our newsletter, please let us know by contacting the Cadenza editor, Larry MacDonald at (810) 767-9418 or

HONOR ROLL: Remembering Kathryn Lobban (1909-2010)

The following article was provided by Doris Knoblock, who knew Kathryn well. 

Sometimes an organization is fortunate to have totally committed people whose influence can be seen, even felt, for many years after their involvement. Kathryn Lobban was one of these people.

A former school principal, Kathryn served as president of St. Cecilia from 1968 to 1970, and was a respected mentor to many presidents who came after her. She made every effort to fulfill the goals of the society’s original founders, and often reminded us of our St. Cecilia heritage.

Kathryn was known as a meticulous record keeper who documented everything for posterity and insisted on doing things properly. This could be seen in her strict adherence to Robert’s Rules of Order when she conducted a business meeting and even to the way the tea table was set. The smallest deed performed for St. Cecilia was quickly acknowledged with a beautiful hand-written note. Over the years she became the person to consult for advice (Just call Kathryn – she’ll know what to do). 

When the building that houses the Flint Institute of Music was being planned, the society was given the opportunity to move into the new facility. Kathryn enthusiastically supported the move of the society from Woodside Church to their own private space within the new building, and worked with the original committee in setting up the kitchen to meet the society’s needs.  In 2000, when a vast remodeling project began in the Anderson Room, Kathryn, along with Almeda Hunter, determined that this was the time to update the SCS room and coordinate the two rooms in terms of design and color. For this project Kathryn donated exquisite pieces of art and accessories in memory of her sister, Jane Faner Sweers.

We will always remember Kathryn for her dedication to St. Cecilia, her many years of hard work, her attention to detail, and her generosity. We were blessed.

Final Note: if you know of a SCS member of the past that should be more widely appreciated, please forward the name (or names) to me. I think we would all welcome the opportunity to sing the praises of hardworking SCS members who may not have received as much recognition as they deserved. I would welcome any personal memories that you might provide.

Anne Baldwin

Anne Baldwin and her husband have moved to Indiana. She regrets giving up her membership in SCS, but has relocated to be nearer to members of her family. Her new address is 3274 Shoreway Ct., Indianapolis, IN 46240-2451.

Helen Sanders

Tamara Sanders has informed us that her mother, Helen, is now residing at Oliver Woods in Owosso. She would appreciate cards. Her new address is Oliver Woods, 1300 W. Oliver St., Building 2, Room 209, Owosso, MI 48867.

Helen was president of SCS, 1976 – 1978, a longtime Chairman of the Junior Festival Committee, and also the Society’s historian.


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