St. Cecilia Society of Flint

Winter Cadenza 2023

Kim Streby & Jean Weamer, Co-Presidents

Vol. 50, No. 1

Larry MacDonald, Editor

January 2023 – March 2023


As we reflect back on 2022, we are mindful of the many hands and hearts that keep the St. Cecilia Society up and running.  These many hands help with the Student Musicale, monthly recitals and teas, the Byrd Competition, the SCS Newsletter publication, membership, and publicity, to name just a few of the operations.  These operations are overseen by the Executive Board, which is made up of members of the Society. We thank you all for every hour you have put into making the Flint SCS a success this year!


We have been fortunate to have Carolyn MacDonald serve extra time as our Treasurer of Operating Funds.  She is now, sadly, stepping down. Thank you so much for your time, dedication, and expertise, Carolyn. You will be greatly missed!

As we head into 2023, Kim and I are looking for people willing to serve on the Board in the capacity of Recording Secretary, Second Vice President, and Treasurer of Operating Funds. Please start thinking about possible candidates (including yourself) to fill these positions. Nominations Committee will be reaching out to you, the membership, soon.

Here’s hoping you enjoyed peaceful, restful Holidays.

– Kim Heath Streby & Jean Weamer.


As editor of the SCS newsletter, I hope the new year brings you both peace and good health. Our Society has gotten back to normal, with live performances held at the MacArthur Hall in October, November, and December. We have also held teas in the Anderson Room following the performances. Although the number of people attending has been relatively small, I am happy to say that we are averaging about 70 audience members over the past three months. Hopefully, we will build up our audience to pre-Covid levels as we progress through 2023.

The good news is that we have added to our roster 10 new performing members, not counting our new accompanists Quincy Dobbs and Alan Weamer. With new talent to add to our programs I foresee some excellent performances as we move into the latter part of our 2022-23 season.

Unfortunately, we do not have a full slate of officers. After our last election in May, we have openings for both 2nd Vice-President and Recording Secretary, and as of Dec. 5 we also have an opening for Operations Treasurer. In order to function well, we need to fill these positions, and I hope you will consider taking any of these positions in order to ensure our ability to carry on as we continue to deal with the many health crises that don’t seem to go away. It is my New Year’s wish that all of us as St. Cecilia members will better dedicate ourselves to making our Society a more active presence in the Flint performing arts community.

If you or any SCS member you know would be willing to fill an open position, please notify us. You can call Kim Streby (810-249-6000) or Jean Weamer (810-658-1989).



Congratulations to both our new and seasoned performing members who have recently provided beautiful music for us in our recent programs! The audiences have enjoyed the proceedings in the relaxed atmosphere of the MacArthur Hall.

It is good to have the teas back in place. Everyone is glad to have a nosh and talk with the performers and friends. I have noticed that people stick around and enjoy themselves. They are not in a hurry to leave after the performances.

I want to thank the Hospitality people and the Tea Chairmen and their committees who have worked on our recent programs. Thank you to Alesia Byrd Johnson and Elizabeth Cummins for the Hospitality in October, and to Bernadette Atanga for her Hospitality in November. The Holiday Strings players also should be thanked for greeting the December audience by playing in the lobby before the performance. The Tea Committee chairs for the past three months should also be thanked, especially Nancy Dahle and Roberta Goergen, who regularly set up the tea service for every SCS performance. A special thank you goes to Townes Miller and her committee who helped make the November tea so special.

Everyone is important in our ongoing endeavor to keep St. Cecilia a viable force in our community.

– Nancy Dahle, 1st Vice President and Program Chair person.


The SCSM has been meeting on the first Sunday of the month with many wonderful student performances. They have had guest performers including Quincy Dobbs playing the Lady Barton theater organ, the Holiday Strings, and Mott Community College students. The next meeting will be held January 8th at 2 PM in the MacArthur Hall. We are working on having t-shirts made for purchase. Member Carlie Tate, violinist, won the FSPA Concerto Competition, and will be performing with the FYSO in March. Also, at each meeting a member is chosen in a free drawing for two FSO tickets.

– Alesia Byrd Johnson, SCSM Counselor.


The William C. Byrd Young Artist Competition for VOICE will take place on Saturday, March 4, 2023. The contest is for vocalists aged 35 or under. This is a huge undertaking for our Society. Your help is needed to make this 51st Byrd Competition a success. Here is my wish list:

  • Monetary donations will be welcome. Donations should be by check and made out to: St. Cecilia Society-Byrd Competition. Checks should be sent to Elizabeth Dean at her home address, or sent to: St. Cecilia Society, 1025 E. Kearsley St., Flint MI, 48503. You can also donate through our SCS website.
    • A dinner paid for out of the Byrd Fund will cost $30 per contestant, accompanist, or host.
    • Two piano tunings will be needed, and stipends for each of the three judges will cost $1,000 apiece.
  • Luncheon workers are needed from 10:30 AM to around 2:30 PM on competition day.
  • To help, contact Bobbie Goergen at 810-624-1908.
  • A pre-dinner reception will be held from 4:15 PM to 5:15 PM on competition day. To help, contact Carol Hinterman.
  • Help is also needed for the Afterglow, especially with the clean-up. Contact Nancy Dahle at 810-513-3723.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

– Carol Hinterman, Chair | 810-964-9399,


Over the years countless St. Cecilia members who have served on the Hospitality and Tea Committees. They have also faithfully attended the monthly programs and come into the Anderson Room to thank the performers for their musical efforts. These members, whose names have appeared in many issues of the Yearbook, may go largely unrecognized, but should be acknowledged for their support of the Society.

One special member was Marion Harger, sister of Nancy Dahle, whose orange-ish red hair was always easy to spot. I remember her fondly as an audience member, who many, many times lined up to greet the performers after a program. Even if I felt I screwed up in my playing, Marion’s bright smile would remind me that I shouldn’t be too critical of myself. I could mention many other SCS members whose smiles helped to brighten even the gloomiest days outside. We should all be grateful for the efforts of the many faithful St. Cecilia members who over the more than 130 years of our existence have made our Society a memorable musical asset in the Flint area.

If you have special memories of St. Cecilia members of the past, I hope you can share those memories by contacting me so that they can be featured in upcoming issues of the newsletter.

– Larry MacDonald, Editor | 810-767-9418,

Nancy Lee Fawcett & Rhina Griffel

Two faithful longtime members of St. Cecilia died recently. Nancy Lee Fawcett will be long remembered for her service to the Society. Not long ago she made a very generous financial contribution to the Society that has helped our operations enormously. She will be greatly missed, as will Rhina Griffel, who for several years chaired the late afternoon receptions held in the lobby of the FIM on Byrd Competition days. Rhina as a very hard worker, who helped many organizations, including the Flint League of Women Voters. Contribution in honor of these two vital SCS members may be made to the St. Cecilia Society.

Gloria Van Duyne

Also missed with be Gloria Van Duyne, who along with her husband, Erick, housed contestants during several Byrd Competitions. Gloria was not a dues-paying St. Cecilia member, but her efforts as a music enthusiast greatly aided our Society.

If you know of others that should be listed in our newsletter, please let us know by contacting the Cadenza editor, Larry MacDonald at (810) 767-9418 or

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